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I'm here. I'm there. I live in my own little world. I'm learning. I'm searching. Usually not usual. Indigo child soul searchin' on planet Earth. Flowin n Growin with Patches <3


i hope the next new, cool trend is people getting married and staying married despite their differences and challenges life throws at them

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me accepting compliments

  • "omg thank you"
  • "aw thank you"
  • "omg ily"
  • "ily omg"
  • "aw thank you omg ily"

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I have the best intentions for you. I do so much for us and for you. I have been paying all the bills since we’ve been together, paying the food, the occasional dates, cook and clean the house mostly, working all the time. And you shit on me because my parents want to call me and tell me they love me and maaaaybe just maybe lecture me? They want the best for me. You’re getting defensive because they don’t see you the way I see you, you are afraid of them thinking you won’t provide. I have been one hell of a strong woman by taking care of you…..I’m risking loosing myself now because I’m not focusing my energy on myself. I love you more than anything tho, you have brought Light into my life and have been the best thing that’s ever happened to me but dang I’m wearing low man….

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MAN I love feeling like a fucking pile of shit coming home from work thanks great. I wasn’t even trying to start a fight jeeesus

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why is our society so focused on working and making money and owning things useless things really. there is so much to enjoy about life there are so many realms we could explore and enjoy and different levels of consciousness we could explore but we dont even consider the idea of consciousness because we’re too focused on working as many hours as possible

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